01. Design & theming


We handle every aspect, from park planning and design to manufacturing. Our working method starts from the preliminary consultancy in order to offer the maximum performance according to the customer's needs, with the aim of an economic return in line with the investment.

ISP follows every aspect of the realization of the park, from the design of the park and the attractions to the electrical and hydraulic systems up to the theming and decoration.

Here is a detailed list of all the phases leading up to the final project of the park:

Sketch - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park First sketches for Ice City - Uzbekistan
The park is open! Ice City - Uzbekistan

It's time to design the park of your dreams

Phase 1.A

This is the earliest stage, where we set up the first impression of the whole project, creating the conceptual Master Plan including public flow, space planning, narratives and illustrations.

From here, concept becomes reality and reality becomes emotions and you will maximize profits with the perfect mix of creativity, entertainment and ride integration. ISP strongly believes that every customer deserves its own exclusive, perfectly designed theme park.

Concept design - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park


Masterplan is the roadmap to the final target, whether it’s the ingenious shaping of an empty space or the renovation of an existing structure. Our design & master planning developmentservices cover all key aspects of a project to make it the most succesful park in the business.

Scenographic sketches - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park


After obtaining approval of the Concept, the next step consists in scenographic sketches. In this phase, attractions, buildings, commons spaces and all items composing the leisure complex have to be designed, drawn and measured. The target is to fix the idea you’re entering a special place, different from everyday life.

3D models - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park


3D model allows us to glimpse at a world which had to be invented before, with passion and the unshakeable conviction that representations are powerful and all images are compelling tools of persuasion. We want to comunicate the desired message creating visual elements and digital illustrations.

Phase 1.B

Setting the basis for a great success

Concept detail - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park


Spaces and multi-functional areas allocation have to reflect local lifestyles and traditions. Our team of experts offer the best solutions to integrate all the elements that make up the park.


Only materials of excellent workmanship and quality will be used to design the theming, always keeping in mind one of our cornerstone: respect for the environment.


Our experienced sculptors and scenic artists have great skills in handling any kind of material. All you have to do is tell us about your idea and our team will take care of.


ISP takes care of HVAC system, providing thermal comfort and adequate indoor air quality. We also have instruments for managing the cooling power, very suitable for tropic climates.


The integration between an efficient electric systems and a well-sizes hydraulics, will play a relevant role for satisfactory performances and the future maintenance.


The valuable bearing structures of our decoration guarantee stability of the building, its performance and safety, ensuring high durability in the time.

Phase 1.C

ISP takes care of the design in every detail determining the perfect ride-use mix to create a unique location. Either for a new project or a renovation or expansion, our service design is focused to maximize the advantages for both operators and users in order to create a functional iconic park.



World-class rides for the world’s most innovative themeparks. ISP features assorted iconic rides, that cater to a variety of age groups. Our master planners will be focused on determining the perfect ride-use mix to create a unique location.



The visitors stay will benefit from a well-designed infrastructure optimization. Shared-use paths are performed for visitors to mix them freely or to define a pre-determined flow based on direction, establishing relationships among key elements.



Our teamwork enables us to accomplish the sensitive balance between creativity, functionality, safety and efficiency. Service design helps to connect the customer’s needs and the company’s business plans together to make park operations smoother.



Signage is one of the most important tools for the management of responsible access. It is first and foremost a simple and effective method of communication between the people who own or manage the theme park and those who take access in it.

Phase 2

Mep consultancy - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing but also HVAC design and system. ISP partners manufacture the best energy cooling machines since 1970.

The integrated cooling system’s dimensions will be designed to guarantee the right capacity at the lowest energy consumption, good for environment and great for minimizing costs.

ISP with its partners can plan to tackle all the aspects of building works

Phase 3

Once inside, the perfect theme park eases your transition into a fantasy world by starting with an immersive themed environment that appeals your senses of romance and adventure.

Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park

This is the most sensitive stage to be carried out with accuracy and precision, because even the smallest mistake or misunderstanding can be amplified, leading to potential differences between the project and the finished job. To avoid any differences between “how it is” and “how it should have been” we provide our constant on-site supervision and art direction.

ISP is completely aware that any experience can’t be replicated, and no two parks are the same we are committed to deliver the most entertainment value for your space while driving visitor footprint and building customer loyalty.

We provide constant on-site supervision and art direction

Decoration can be produced from many different materials with many different finishes, as depending on the material choice and scope of the final effect it may be complete prior to moving out for installation, or in other cases final assembly due to size or complexity may only be possible at the final on site installation.

Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park
Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park
Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park
Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park
Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park
Theming & decoration - ISP - Turnkey solution for theme park

02. Turnkey solutions


If you want a theme park to your needs, but don’t want the hassle associated with running your own project, then we have what suits you!

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