01. Ice & snow park / Ice rinks


Provide a complete winter experience! Thanks to our quick assembly and installation, your park can dispose of one of the most distinctive attractions in mountain environments: ice skating rink!

We offer indoor and outdoor recreational or professional ice rinks with all accessories and equipment. ISP also provides special tutors for children or inexperienced users to help familiarize them with skates, making ice skating a fun and safe experience for all!

A must-have: No winter place without a real ice rink

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ice rink

Indoor ice skating rinks are ideal for enhancing theme parks. Thanks to this type of rink, weather conditions do not matter and your guests only have to think about having fun gliding on the ice without any worries.

Indoor ice rink - ISP - Ice & snow theme park
Outdoor ice rink - ISP - Ice & snow theme park

ice rink

Our outdoor ice rinks are ideal for enhancing public open air spaces, recalling the participation of people. With our maintenance of the cold and energy saving technologies, we are able to offer products that can be used in different contexts, in different seasons and also in warmer climates.

Professional ice rink - ISP - Ice & snow theme park

ice rink

If you want to offer your guests the possibility of skating on professional ice rinks or if you want to host ice sports events in your park, then ISP is the ideal partner!

Other snow

Ice slides - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ice slides

Whether they are made of ice or other material, slides in an amusement park cannot be missed! Choose the slides that best suit your park and create the atmosphere of a polar fairy tale where people can fully enjoy the winter entertainment!

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Ski slopes & snow playgrounds - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ski slopes & snow playgrounds

These attractions are ideal for family fun! Adults and children can challenge themselves getting off a real ski slope. The snowplayground is designed to children who can play, build snowmen and play with snowballs!

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Ice & snow rides - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ice & snow rides

We offer a wide range of products for fun on snow and ice! Bumper cars, mini cars sliding on frozen slab and ice walls for adventurous climbing! All these attractions will make your theme park an unforgettable experience!

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02. Contacts


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