01. Edutainment


We at ISP believe that without fun and passion there can be no real learning. For this reason we create interactive paths where education and fun are inextricably linked in a unique experience where water is the main protagonist! Ready to learn how the Eskimos fish in the North Pole?

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Following the Latin motto "ludendo docere" ISP offers within the theme parks, paths dedicated to educational entertainment for adults and children. In the predisposed area will be set up interactive workshops related to water and the various forms that it can take while addressing current issues related to climate change and global warming.

The main theme of the entire area is the chill, a term that takes on a double meaning here: the chill of learning by doing and the chill given by the ice and polar environments that are being discovered. Along the way, in fact, is explored fauna and flora of the polar environments, the survival techniques adopted by the Eskimos to cover themselves from the cold. All this without ever losing sight of our main goal: learning while having fun.

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03. Why

Learn by doing - ISP - Edutainment

by doing

Our workshops maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy! Learning through fun is the ideal way to keep children interested and to make the information stick. A new experience that adults and children will remember for a lifetime!

Family memories - ISP - Edutainment


Our goal is to create a perfect atmosphere and contribute to creating and preserving the best memories! That's why when we create parks we put families first, so that all the members, both kids and adults, can have an unforgettable experience in complete safety!

Unlimited customization - ISP - Edutainment


Keeping customers happy is the golden ticket for ISP. That's why all our projects are tailor-made according to customer requirements. We design fully customizable edutainment centers, both for museums and theme parks! You tell us your idea, we realize it in detail as you had in mind!

School groups - ISP - Edutainment


Our edutainment activities are open to school groups wishing to spend a day of educational fun. These educational paths can easily be incorporated into school programmes through the traditional school trip, whose social and educational character is widely recognised.


04. Attractions

Below is a list of possible educational paths to offer visitors to your theme park. The common denominator of these educational paths is water, an element present in all the attractions and which acts as a common thread linking all the park's rides.

Arctic Life - ISP - Edutainment

Arctic Life

Visitors will experience the bitter cold of the Arctic winter and see the survival techniques that indigenous peoples have used for thousands of years to survive in such an inhospitable environment. Guests follow specific routes and through workshops will discover how to reach water under numerous layers of ice in order to fish, learn how to create a source of warmth and build igloos to shelter from the Arctic cold.

Climate change

Our aim is to entertain but also to educate the younger generation on essential topics and to raise awareness. How harsh is the Arctic climate? What animals live at the North Pole? Through an unforgettable experience, visitors will be immersed in the Arctic scenery, discovering the local flora and fauna and the consequences for them of climate change and melting glaciers.

Climate change - ISP - Edutainment

Ice fishing

Visitors will be able to try their hand at fishing techniques used for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. Like the Eskimos, guests will practice ice fishing by sitting around a hole in the frozen surface ready to withdraw the hook with the prey from the frozen water. A fun and educational way to learn about the habits of the North Pole inhabitants.

Ice fishing - ISP - Edutainment
Mammoth world - ISP - Edutainment

Mammoth world

Visitors leap into the Pleistocene, when the undisputed king of the ice was the Mammoth. Children will be the real protagonists in the workshops, exploring many topics related to the world of the great ice ages. This is a fantastic opportunity to combine learning and fun in a safe environment equipped for every need.

Aquarium - ISP - Edutainment


The aquarium is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking attractions and will allow guests to immerse themselves in the unknown world of the oceans and marine depths. This educational innovative experience aims to raise awareness about marine animals and habitats by increasing conservation awareness while interacting with a wide range of aquatic species.

Arctic aquarium - ISP - Edutainment

Arctic aquarium

The aquarium is a powerful and effective resource for educating young and adults about the importance of preserving the species. Guests will be able to observe the marine mammals that inhabit the Arctic region and take part in educational tours that will provide intelligent entertainment through interactive images and games.

05. Contacts


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