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01. Snow & ice park

Breathing the atmosphere of Alps worldwide

Simplicity and unique shapes of the polar and alpine environments provide suitably fits the futuristics approach in conceptual design for the tribune area of the ice park. This kind of attraction represent ISP's leading chapter in which it can be given the best, satisfying and matching all customers’ requirements.

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02. The project

Our aim is to show and provide a completely new concept for the amusement business, bringing the uniqueness and magnificence of the arctic environment all over the world and at any latitude. Ice & Snow parks’ peculiarity lies in the capacity to withstand at positive temperatures to meet any location features and bring winter activities anywhere.

Our technical staff includes a team of engineers professionally certified to create your customised project. The construction of the Ice Cities begins with technical drawings, providing all the information for manufacturing in order to meticulously and unambiguously capture all the customers requests.

After this first phase, we create a graphically depiction of the park as a whole by 3D rendering, showing accurately what the project will be in any detail. The third and last phase concerns the thematization, the most sensitive stage to be carried out with accuracy and precision, because even the smallest mistake or misunderstanding can be amplified. So, just relax and choose your winter fairy tale, we’ll make it real!

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03. Why

Eco-friendly attractions - ISP - Ice & Snow Park


ISP cares about sustainability, that’s why we are determined to do our part in protecting environment. Thanks to our advanced technologies, a large percentage of water is reused through an innovative closed circuit system which reuses melted snow.

Family memories - ISP - Ice & Snow Park


Our goal is to create a perfect atmosphere and contribute to creating and preserving the best memories! That's why when we create parks we put families first, so that all the members, both kids and adults, can have an unforgettable experience!

Cool ambience at positive temperatures - ISP - Ice & Snow Park

Cool ambience at
positive temperatures

The atmosphere is arctic but not the temperature! We are the only company able to design and build an ice and snow theme park at +15° degrees (59 °F) so we can literally bring the magic of high latitudes everywhere! So... have you ever played in the snow wearing a t-shirt?

Unlimited customization - ISP - Ice & Snow Park


Keeping customers happy is the golden ticket for ISP. That's why all our projects are tailor-made according to customer requirements. You tell us your idea, we realize it in detail as you had in mind.

Snow park

04. Attractions

Thanks to the contribution of Industrial Frigo Ice, ISP designs Ice and Snow Parks in any size and footprints. Combinating our knowledge and expertise on ice rinks and ice rides, we create ice and snow wonderland in a positive temperature environmental to let the families spend as much time as they wish in a high comfortable space.

Ice slides - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ice slides

Whether they are made of ice or other material, slides in an amusement park cannot be missed! Choose the slides that best suit your park and create the atmosphere of a polar fairy tale where people can fully enjoy the winter entertainment!

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Ski slopes & snow playgrounds - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ski slopes & snow playgrounds

These attractions are ideal for family fun! Adults and children can challenge themselves getting off a real ski slope. The snowplayground is designed to children who can play, build snowmen and play with snowballs!

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Ice rinks - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ice rinks

Recreational and professional ice skating rinks make up the heart of an ice amusement park! Ice rinks are symbol of conviviality where children, families and couple can relax, enjoy skating and practice!

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Ice & snow rides - ISP - Ice & Snow park

Ice & snow rides

We offer a wide range of products for fun on snow and ice! Bumper cars, mini cars sliding on frozen slab and ice walls for adventurous climbing! All these attractions will make your theme park an unforgettable experience!

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05. Attractions by

Frigo Ice

Industrial Frigo Ice - Ice & snow rides manufacturer

A worldwide leading company, specialized in the production of cooling systems for a wide range of industries. Founded in 1970, Industrial Frigo includes four foreign branches and a worldwide sales and assistance network.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we were able to develop the ice & snow industry carrying out an extensive and customized variety of solutions such as: figurative ice skating rink, IIHF agreed, different types of iced slides, ice tracks for electric bumper cars, curling fields, ice & snow parks and much more. Each rink project can be tailored to customer specifications: purchase or hiring, for indoor or outdoor set up, we even offer solutions for tropical climates.

06. Contacts


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